Top Rating Acoustic Systems 2019

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A set of active acoustics in combination with a large screen allows you to create a kind of mini-cinema in a house or apartment. Modern acoustics gives a very high-quality, rich sound and can work under high loads. The bookshelf speakers are installed in different parts of the apartment, filling the room with surround sound, without losing the sound quality even at long distances.

Models of the middle and premium price segment can be used not only for home but also for professional tasks. The most common home speaker system includes five satellite speakers and one subwoofer. In another such kit is called the system 5.1.

We will try to figure out which models turned out to be the best in our traditional rating. The sets of acoustics were divided into four classes: low-cost, middle-class, premium and super-premium. We also added the category of acoustic sets with 7.1 surround sound. Such systems significantly improve the perception of movies and games, they are more pleasant to listen to.



Universal passive system mates with any subwoofer and AV receiver

Magnetic shielding of the central channel and front speakers protects equipment standing nearby from the effects of electromagnetic fields generated in the process of acoustics

Practical matt non-marking housing coating

Dense monolithic plastic suppresses mid-frequency acoustic resonances

Initially, the Pioneer S-11 floor form factor is modified, if necessary, for use on walls, racks or shelves (for front and rear speakers), thanks to the standard mounts and anti-slip pads

Established capabilities of the equipment are designed to cover the premises up to 30 square meters.



Not the most budget acoustics in our top, we can characterize as “good middling”. The lower threshold of frequencies here is not the best – 67 Hz, so the buyer will have to re-buy a subwoofer or simply do not focus on low frequencies.

In fairness, we note that by sacrificing performance, the manufacturer skillfully managed with the dimensions, since the column itself is very compact.

A weight of almost 2 kg will allow you to carry it with you and integrate it into any closet. The 5.25-inch speaker has a dynamic balance of settings that allows you to tune full bass. Rubber seals protect against moisture and dust. Another big plus is a long warranty of 5 years.



Here is one of the best bookshelf speakers in the middle price segment especially for those who do not want to save on sound, but also prefers to refrain from overpaying. The quality and characteristics of the model meets all the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Rated power of 50 W is not a standard and the ultimate dream, but the column fits perfectly into a home theater with a frequency range from 46 to 20,000 Hz. I am glad that the Americans did not strive for the excessive frequency range, which made it possible to reduce the price of the product.

The system copes well with the creation of stereo effects, but experienced buyers in their reviews recommend re-buy the subwoofer for greater clarity of the low frequencies, which are rather weak. In addition, we can note the pricing policy of the company.



A directional beam technology has been implemented that sends a signal to a specific channel corresponding to a location at the source.

For the Playstation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, ready-made presets are provided for, which allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay as much as possible.

Quickly connect the rear speakers to create a full surround sound effect.

Implemented compatibility with devices based on Android. When synchronizing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can control the acoustics using a smartphone

Surround sound using the effects of reflection of waves emanating from the side bookshelf speakers from the walls of the room