Top-5 gadgets that interact with iPhone

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The iPhone itself is a powerful device that is capable of much. Another wonderful side of its use is a collaboration with another device. You can make the iPhone become part of something bigger or use it as a control panel for the whole system. We have collected five best examples of how the iPhone works with other gadgets, presenting something completely new to our eye.

Anki Drive racing car

Anki drive

Anky and very stylish racing car Anki Drive comes with a powerful kit. For $ 149 you get two cars and a starting race track. You can control the race directly from the iPhone – the screen will display your design from the machine, like a computer game. Open additional functionality is simple: the downloaded application helps to launch new processes in the car, improving the productivity and speed of the car, teaching it new commands and tricks.

Dron Parrot


Dron Parrot is equipped with a camera for photo and video shooting in HD-quality, but at the same time maintains ultra-lightweight – 31 grams. The device is controlled by the iPhone – tapes on the screen and a simple gesture system make it a very convenient device. High level of stabilization, the ability to automatically return “home”, view the image from the camera directly to the iPhone while managing – all in one small Parrot. The cost of a drone is $ 265.

Robo Robo


Romochka robot with a pretty face – this is a case specially designed for working with the iPhone. Together with this device, the robot becomes a real home helper and friend. He moves on small caterpillars, so he can follow you or play moving games. In addition, Romo can be taught everything you need.

And when the owner is bored with programming the robot in predefined boundaries, it can go into free-play mode and adjust other subtleties and skills of Romo. Developers call their offspring a “creative platform” because based on Romo you can create a full-fledged character. The cost of the robot is $ 129.

Lock August


Access to the house without keys or code, but authorized by the owner? This was achieved by creating August Smart Lock – a device that is configured and controlled using the iPhone. You need to configure the lock, indicating who can enter the house by default, by inserting into its memory a list of smartphones and devices capable of crossing the threshold. A special application allows you to monitor all such locks in the house. And if you equip every August door, you can be sure that without your knowledge it will not be entered. The application also keeps a record of all who have ever visited the house. The cost of the castle is $ 249.

Microscope MicrobeScope


A powerful microscope of a pocket size allows not only to examine microbes but also to shoot it all on video or to take a photo. You can watch bacteria and other life forms that are even smaller than a micron. The creators suggest that such a microscope is useful for schoolchildren and students, and simply – it’s very interesting. No additional materials like glass or clamping are required. Buy MicrobeScope can be pre-order, the cost needs to be clarified.