Review: Shark Rocket vs Dyson

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Shark Rocket

Shark Rocket


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Brushroll garage.
  • LED lights.
  • Washable lifetime filters .
  • Extra accessories (Pet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice Tool, Wall Mount Storage Hook, hair removal tool).


  • Corded.
  • Small cup size.
  • Noisy.

Shark Rocket Duo Clean is an ultra-light upright vacuum cleaner that will help you do more on different surface types. This Shark unit is really powerful, with a dust cap size 0.91 litre and cleaning path width 8.5 inches.

At 9,9lbs, the Shark Duo Clean is easy to move and has a 30 ft long cord.

The Rocket is equipped with removable brushrolls and a brushroll garage, and may be transformed to a handheld vacuum. Plus, it comes with a decent number of accessories such as Pet Multi-Tool for active hair cleaning, the Duster Crevice Tool that provides extended reach into small spaces, Wall Mount Storage Hook, and hair removal tool.

Who it’s for

If you are a pet owner, then this Shark Rocket Duo Clean hoover is a great option to look at. Its strong suction together with the Pet Multi-Tool and LED lights will be surely an advantage for you.

The Pet Multi-Tool greatly picks up pet hair from all the surfaces in the house, along with all types of carpets and furniture, while LED lights literally shed the light on every human hair on the floor.


It’s impossible not to point out the power and reliability of this upright vacuum cleaner. This ultra lightweight unit will let you to clean all the most out of reach areas of your house, mainly the ones above the floor. Availability of brushroll garage will make your cleaning process less time consuming, as there is no need to go to another room to change the brushroll. You can simply clip both of extra hand tools on the vacuum handle itself.

Besides this, the Shark Rocket is really thoroughly designed. Control buttons are right on the handle, so you can change power options without difficulty. Thanks to LED lights on the floor nozzle and vacuum hand it will be easy to reveal hidden dust and hair.


Of course, the cord may be a bit disturbing, but its 30 ft length makes it easy to move around the house and with no need to rarely switch outlets. In addition to this, corded vacuum cleaners do not require to be charged every 20 minutes and are usually more powerful than cordless, because of a steady stream of power.

Bear in mind that great suction and strong motor makes this vacuum a little bit loud.

Obviously, the small capacity of the cup is a real disadvantage as you have to empty it quite often. However, a bigger storage case will for sure add some extra weight and bulk to the Shark Duo Clean unit.

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Review

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum


  • Cordless.
  • Lightweight.
  • Handheld mode.
  • Washable lifetime filters.
  • Motorized cleaner head.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Good for ceiling cleaning and out of reach areas.


  • Short battery life (up to 20 min only).
  • Charge time 3,5 hours.
  • Small cup size.
  • Noisy.

Dyson V6 is a cord free upright vacuum cleaner made for no hassle cleaning experience and may serve as your own all-around home-cleaning helper.  The Dyson is cordless and really light, only 4.5 pounds with a dust cup size 0.41 litre. The small, light motor was designed to deliver strong suction and not to add some extra weight to the handstick.

Dyson V6 handstick is great for all floor types, thanks to motorized cleaner head with stiff nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments.

The V6 model comes equipped with filters that can be washed without being damaged, removable brushbars and a docking station.  Also, it easily and quickly converts to a handheld vacuum.

Who it’s for

The Dyson V6 with its mobility and lightness is a good choice for likely buyers who are sick of plugging in and dragging around the cord.  Its cordless design is a find for car lovers and double floor home owners. The outdoor cleaning with this device is much easier from now.

Thanks to its lightweight and cordless design, it is super easy to use the V6 unit on the stairs. Enjoy soft floor covering? The V6 model is for sure carpet friendly. It easily removes hair and dirt without pulling up carpet fiber.


There is no doubt that the absence of the cord will admire you. The V6 model gives you an experience of up to 20 minutes of continuous cleaning performance.

Its lightweight design makes it easier to clean every corner of your home from floor to ceiling without any difficulty. The motorized cleaner head fully covered with soft bristles easily removes hair, dust and dirt from carpets and other surfaces and allows edge-to-edge cleaning.

The handheld mode is a great feature. It is good for cleaning out of reach areas of the house.


Even being in cons section, the small storage space is one of the reasons why this vacuum is lightweight and portable.

Dyson vacuum is quite noisy. But if you are not going to talk over the phone when you are cleaning, then this sound won’t disturb you at all.

For all that, don’t forget that since it’s a cord-free vacuum, it has to be charged between sweeps. The charge time is 3,5 hours. A short battery life and time-consuming charge might be a downside for owners of large houses, as you might not be able to finish a cleaning routine in one run time.

Verdict: Shark Rocket vs Dyson V6

Now you are no doubt asking yourself which one would work best for you? Both of these two upright handstick vacuum cleaners have very high ratings on Amazon and lots of positive customer reviews.

However, in a comparison Shark Rocket vs Dyson V6, the Dyson wins on its cordless design, while the Shark outperforms in power. It’s worth to mention that the Rocket is quite better in hair removal performance thanks to the Pet Multi-Tool and LED lights.

If you are looking for something portable and good for an outdoor cleaning routine, the V6 hoover is a better option for you. But keep in mind that it has small battery life, only up to 20 min.

The cup size is half smaller than in the Shark unit, however, that’s what makes the Dyson lighter for 5,5lbs. Cool, that both models have handheld mode and washable lifetime filters.

If your most-wanted features are reliability and a steady stream of power, and you don’t want to spend time for charging and thinking about time limits of your cleaning routine, then go for Shark.