Pros and Cons of Using a Robot Vacuum

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Robot vacuum cleaners are mostly used to lighten up the house chore workload. It is usually automated to clean your house. This allows you more time to either go to the market or relax a bit. Different robot vacuums have various approaches to getting these house chores done. Some are systematic while others move around randomly but till get the job done. Others come with a remote that helps you control it to where you want it to clean. Robot vacs have apps that enable you to control and monitor even when you are away from the house. The most expensive robot vacuums have six modes that are for programming it to work until its battery gets exhausted.

Robot vacuum cleaners also come with an array of accessories that’s solely dependent on its use. Such accessories are sweeper brushes that stick out from the sides and sweep the dirt and dust, a virtual wall placed around the house that blocks your robot vac from cleaning areas that you don’t want to be cleaned. These little angels are a blessing in many homes; however, they come with their own fair share of cons and pros. In this article we sample a few types of robot vacuums; weigh their pros and cons and give our best verdict.

Neato Botvac

Its features include:

  • Has a turret at the top that carries the Botvac Connected sensors which enable the vacuum access items that can be fit under or around the furniture.
  • Has a menu interface which is easy to steer. There’s an app that is even easier to help program the robot vacuum.
  • Has a remote that enables you to make the vac target a specific area for cleaning.
  • Has a turbo mode that is competent at sucking up dirt, dog hair, and dirt.
  • Has an extensive battery life of up to 120 minutes; this is equivalent to 5,000 square feet of surface area.

iRobot Roomba

Its features include:

  • In case it runs out of battery amid cleaning, it goes back to its docking station, recharges and then finishes up on its job.
  • Has a Google assistant- this means that you can tell it when to dock, stop or start.
  • Has a virtual wall that enables you to create barriers to rooms you don’t want the robot vacuum cleaning.
  • Easy to clean out, therefore, the chances of experiencing end-of-cycle disposal catastrophes are next to nil Runs much more quietly compared to other robot vacuums.


This is a small impressive robot vacuum.

Its features include:

  • Requires minimal space for docking and storage.
  • Easy to use – you let it charge then press the only button on it and it’s good to go.
  • Has high maintenance of Dyson’s suction power.


This type of robotic vacuum is budget friendly and gets around easily. Its features include:

  • It is relatively quiet and easy to use It is able to maneuver around very easily.
  • Excellent in cleaning under shorter cabinets because of its ducking ability.
  • Has an extended runtime.


The Bopsweep vacuum family has six models that are famous for their ability to simultaneously sterilize the floor and clean it.

Has amazing features such as:

  • Comes with an XL dustbin which holds up to a liter of debris.
  • Has UV light that sterilizes the floor as it cleans.
  • It is ideal for carpets, tiles, and hardwoods.
  • Has an automatic self-charging system.

PROS of robot vacuum cleaners

  • best-robot-vacuumsConvenient

Robot vacuum cleaners save effort and time when it comes to cleaning around the house. It is able to access the area under large furniture and the cabinets with ease. Basically, a robot vacuum cleaner will always do the job for you.

  • Minimal noise

In comparison to the older vacuum models, robotic vacs are less noisy. The new designs give off little or no noise at all help you maintain peace and quiet in your serene home

  • Easy to store

Robot vacuums are easy to store because of their compact design. They take up very little storage space unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners.

  • Dual function

Most vacuums come with a built-in mapping function. This means that you can use your cleaner to mop the floors. It is excellent for floors that are for both vacuuming and mopping

  • Scheduled and Thorough cleaning

These vacuum cleaners clean thoroughly helping prevent the accumulation of dirt under the surfaces of furniture and the bed. It also cleans out dirt that is left behind during manual sweeping. The best robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed hence it gets easier for the owner to make a cleaning schedule. You can schedule it to switch on and off at specific times of the day.

CONS of robot vacuum cleaners

  • Expensive

Robot cleaners can get pricey compared to the normal conventional vacuum cleaners. They are more expensive because they are computerized. Their price ranges anything from $250 to more than $1000.

  • Suitable for flat surfaces

Robotic cleaners are mostly ideal for flat leveled surfaces. They are not suited to clean staircases and uneven floors as they are likely to topple over. This, therefore, limits the capability of the vacuum to clean all surface areas.

  • Inadequate cleaning functions

Robotic vacuum cleaners cannot clean high areas such as walls and ceilings as they are only ideal for flat leveled surfaces. For you to clean the ceiling and walls you would have to do it manually using a traditional vacuum cleaner.

  • Suck in anything

Robot vacs are known to suck in anything and everything. They suck in anything from socks, small toys, coin and anything that fits into the suction. It is therefore important that you vacuum proof your house.


Robot vacuum cleaners are a fortunate thing for most people especially the aged who find cleaning a bit tedious and time-consuming. They do a great job in maintaining a clean, serene house. However, most of its limitations would demand that you occasionally do some manual cleaning.