KEF R500 Floorstanding HiFi Stereo Speaker Review

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KEF R500 are the smallest, but far to the most recent floor type speakers in the Acoustic series R of the famous British brand. Made from first-class materials and selective audio components, acoustics boasts both a flagship exterior design and outstanding Hi-Fi sound reproduction. This model the manufacturer has specially developed for audiophiles, who wish with a compact form factor to get the most possible detailed and powerful output sound in a room space from 20 to 30 m2.

KEF R500 Tower Speaker Speaker Review


Finishing piano lacquer or natural veneer of different color variants perfectly emphasizes the exquisite stylistics of the AU, and high quality materials and delicacy of performance focus on the High-End class of the system. Weight of 21.8 kg each column is made of massive MDF boards. High-level adaptation of parts and special internal components of the structure are designed to reduce the level of resonance oscillations during operation to a minimum. For the necessary stability of meter AC, special anti-vibration chassis is provided, protruding far beyond the edge of the body.

The manufacturer’s attention to detail and a really high level of performance of acoustics deserve all praise. Even with the installed fabric grills on the front panel, the KEF R500 floor speakers have a chic appearance. Under the protective grid, in the upper part of a sufficiently deep case are a high-level coaxial 125 mm midrange with a high-frequency radiator and a pair of low-frequency drivers with dimensions of 130 mm. On the back side of the acoustics there are two large bass reflex ports, as well as two pairs of screw terminals with a special jumper for selecting between single-wire and Bi-wiring connections.

To form the music scene, the manufacturer implemented an advanced three-way playback scheme with four front speakers in the KEF R500 system. Specially designed for flagship models, the mid-range Uni-Q sound booster boasts a magnesium-aluminum diffuser and Z-flex, which is effective in dynamic scenes. The high-frequency aluminum dome tweeter located in the middle of the midrange provides the most harmonious and balanced scene of the upper range. For the reproduction of low frequencies meet two branded aluminum drivers with a diameter of 130 mm.

Lightweight design of pickup baskets, compact size basses and elastic suspenders provide an easy and trouble-free recreation of dynamic scenes and complex musical compositions. A well-thought-out arrangement in the upper part of the case of low-frequency loudspeakers and a Uni-Q coaxial tweeter with a tweeter located between them creates a scene with a dense sound stream without problems filling the entire space in the scanned room.

High-quality cast frames from aluminum and neodymium magnets provide high accuracy and purity of the reconstructed sound. A specially reinforced MDF case, anti-resonance aluminum baskets and proprietary sound emitters provide a natural sound palette in the frequency range 39-45000 Hz. At frequencies of crossover separation of 500 Hz and 2800 Hz, the monitors recreate a rich scene that differs in a truly natural and highly accurate musical narrative.

The large bass reflex ports located on the rear side differ from each other not only in the location, in the upper and lower parts of the case, but also in different frequency characteristics of the sound flow. Due to the open acoustic design with specially designed ports, the acoustics can form a believable volumetric scene.

With a sensitivity of 88 dB, a minimum and maximum input impedance of 3.2 and 8 Ω, the KEF R500 acoustics are universal when choosing an amplifier. With a supported power of 25 to 150 watts per channel, speakers can be suitable for both a small living room and a spacious hall. At moderate dimensions, the floor acoustics representing the R series perfectly copes with any genre direction. A saturated and well-designed scene with high accuracy of the reproduced frequencies of KEF speakers will not leave anyone indifferent.


  • relatively compact floor housings with special anti-resonance developments;
  • high-quality finishing;
  • advanced playback scheme using flagship level emitters;
  • two pairs of high-quality terminals with a convenient switch for connection modes;
  • powerful generated scene with the most accurate and reliable reproduction of the frequencies of the entire range.


  • high price.