How to Select the Best Juicer

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Juicer is in the house of every person who has decided to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have never used a juicer, our article will help to get acquainted with this useful device. This helper will help you to create unimaginable cocktails from fruits, berries and vegetables, and in the summer season it is indispensable for preparations for the winter.

We will not consider professional juicers (for bars and cafes), as well as industrial units. Let’s stop on household. Household juicer is designed for a family of 3-4 people. The device will cope with a bucket of apples from the cottage or provide a homemade children’s party with berry juice.

There are special juicers:

  • for citrus,
  • for solid products
  • for pits.

We will focus on the universal. Universal juicers, as a rule, powerful and equipped with a variety of additional tools. On such devices, cutting off foam, adjusting the volume of the pulp is provided. A versatile juicer is a perfect fit for any fruit or vegetable! Some models will help the hostess even make homemade noodles or sausages. The cost of “universal” higher specialized juicers, but they have more advantages.


How to choose a good juicer?

The first thing to pay attention to is the material of the juicer. The device will constantly contact with the acidic medium. This means that most parts must be stainless steel. Nozzles and containers are quite suitable and plastic.

It also matters from which products to squeeze the juice. For citrus fruits, the best option is a special juicer; other types of aggregates will be difficult to clean.

The width of the neck is another important point. If you do not have time to cut fruits and vegetables by hand, a machine with a narrow neck will not work for you.

The power of the juicer can vary from 150 to 250 W (in auger-type juicers) to 1250 W – for centrifugal models. Electricity consumption is directly dependent on the power of the device.

Pay attention to the running time of the juicer. Low-power models work up to 10 minutes without stopping and without overheating. Powerful juicers – work tirelessly for up to 20 minutes without a break. During shutdown, parts must be cleaned. For some devices, such cycling is automatically adjusted.

Today, manufacturers offer heavy-duty models with a blower engine fan. You can also find juicers with two centrifuges, working from a single engine.


When deciding on a juicer model, it is necessary to take into account its equipment:

  • Additional nozzles expand the functions of the device.
  • The cover will reduce noise and protect from dust.
  • Brush – will help clear the strainer.
  • The guide pan or pusher is very necessary in most cases.
  • The built-in vessel for juice is a good thing, but it significantly increases the dimensions of the device. He is good because the juice is not guaranteed to spill, as the vessel is securely attached to the body. Its capacity is usually from 0.2 to 1.5 liters. Some juicers are equipped with a whole set of vessels.
  • The rotary body spout also reduces the chance of shedding juice.
  • The foam separator is simply necessary when processing large volumes of products!
  • Rubberized legs, suckers are needed for a strong attachment.
  • The container for trash, provided on some models, often has holes and is accompanied by additional capacity for juice. This allows you to increase the performance of the device.
  • Separator requires special attention. The small slotted separator is not suitable for all products, therefore many manufacturers offer separators with adjustable slots. Having such an opportunity will indeed become an advantage of your new “universal”.

Today, manufacturers offer appliances for any requests and preferences: you can choose a very high-quality brand-name juicer with a huge variety of functions, or you can choose a simple, inexpensive model that will delight the owners and not burden the family budget. Vitamins will just “jump” in a glass!